Vaultek Biometric LifePod 1.0 BLP10 Black


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Vaultek Biometric LifePod 1.0 BLP10 Black

Biometric LifePod
Rugged Weather Resistant Electronic/Biometric Storage with Built-in Lock

The Vaultek Biometric LifePod features rugged protection with a built-in lock system and biometric scanner. The durable safe integrates Vaultek's precision engineered safe technology and anti-impact latch design for durability. This portable safe also comes with a built-in lock, allowing you to quickly secure the LifePod for add-ed security when needed.

  • Rugged protection with a built-in lock system. Integrating Vaultek’s precision engineered safe technology and anti-impact latch design. LifePods feature a built-in lock allowing you to quickly secure the LifePod for added security when needed. Easily portable to travel in your car, the office, on a boat, backpacks, and in luggage. Meets TSA guidelines.
  • Biometric Access. Unlock LifePod with a simple scan of your finger. Store up to 20 different finger-prints with the weather proof high definition biometric scanner.
  • Touch Activated Keypad. A unique backlit LED capacitive keypad provides entry of the master code and quick press to lock action when locking.
  • Lightweight and Rugged. Advanced non-metal polymer construction is engineered to be lightweight with superior strength and drop tested to be the ultimate rugged lockbox. A unique anti-picking feature can be enabled from the interior to disable the front keyway and prevent the lock from being picked open.
  • Dual side compression latches combine with an inner rubber gasket to seal off the interior from environmental factors. LifePod has environmental protection including airtight, dust proof, floats in water, and is TSA compliant.
  • Can be used without a battery and still function as a waterproof case. Powered by a 9V alkaline battery (not included) with a battery life of up to one year under normal use. The front rubber keyhole cover disguises an integrated micro-USB port to power the unit in case of a dead battery.

Included Accessories:
(2) Manual Keys, Steel Security Cable, Interior Crate Foam, and Fabric Lanyard.

Weight: 2.3 lbs
External Dimensions: 10.25" L x 7" W x 2.25” H
Internal Dimensions: 7.75" L x 6" W x 1.75” H
TSA Compliant: Yes


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