S.T. Dupont Cigar Cutter Behike 003511

S.T. Dupont

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S.T. Dupont Cigar Cutter Behike 3511

Following a past collaboration with Cohiba in 2003, S.T. Dupont is proud to sign a new one with the brand. This unique limited Edition celebrates what is probably the most famous and exclusive premium cigar brand in the world, Cohiba.

Nowadays, Cohiba offers 4 different lines, such as Línea Clasica, Línea 1492, Maduro 5 and the most exclusive Cohiba Behike. All the collection adorns the Cohiba pattern in black and white and yellow colors. The Indian head and S.T. Dupont brand are both signed on each product.

* Double blade cigar cutter
* Indian head engraved
* Steel blade, double guillotine
* 23mm diameter

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Dimensions : 9.1 x 4x 0.72 cm

Material : Steel
Weight : 0.100kg
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