Caran D'Ache Popline 849 Totally Swiss Flag (tin) Ballpoint Pen

Caran D'Ache

Caran D'Ache Popline 849 Totally Swiss Flag Ballpoint Pen
With chocolate, Swiss crosses… Swiss Collection is inspired by national folklore to decorate the famous 849: a design collection that offers a highly colourful introduction to the culture of Switzerland.
Since 1969, the 849 ballpoint pen has been the ideal day-to-day companion. With its hexagonal shape, its aluminium body and its 100% Swiss Made manufacture, this emblematic instrument from Caran d’Ache guarantees unique writing comfort. Fitted with the giant Goliath ink cartridge which can write up to 600 pages of A4, the 849 is infinitely rechargeable allowing you to express your ideas on paper. The streamlined design of the 849 allows the Geneva-based company to decorate the body of this timeless writing instrument with a thousand and one inspirations. The 849 is genuinely a cult object, both smart and casual, with its aluminium body distinguished by its hexagonal shape: six facets of a unique temperament that make it an iconic writing instrument suited to all occasions.
- Ballpoint pen
- Hexagonal aluminium body
- Classic or fantasy colours applied by means of electrostatic powder coating
- Flexible clip
- Push button
- Rechargeable ballpoint pen fitted with the medium blue Goliath ink cartridge
- Compatible with all Goliath ink cartridges, available in 4 sizes of tip: fine (Ø 0.8 mm), medium (Ø 1 mm), large (Ø 1.4 mm) and 4 colours of ink: blue, black, red and green
- Made in Switzerland This iconic ballpoint pen has inspired an entire collection of essential writing instruments and accessories: the 849 Collection. It is rechargeable with Chromatics cartridges, which offer a wide range of bright colours for precise, effortless writing. The 849 Collection promises a host of exciting creative adventures!

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