S. T. Dupont SLIM 7 BLACK & CHROME DRAGON 027777

S.T. Dupont

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S. T. Dupont SLIM 7 BLACK & CHROME DRAGON 027777

Incorporating the culture of the Eastern zodiac, this collection recreates the legendary creature dragon using ST Dupont technology. The writing instruments, lighters and cigar accessories revolutionize the Maison's iconic techniques with traditional craftsmanship and a new approach that uses guilloché to create dragon scales. This Dragon collection is made up of three lines: Dragon Red, Dragon Black, and Dragon Color Animation, imprinting the footsteps of tradition and modern images at the same time.

The Dragon Red and Dragon Black lines feature dragons inspired by anime and street art adorning S.T. DuPont's iconic products. Its design, which resembles a dragon rising from the clouds, symbolizes the start of a new year, the joy it brings, and the endless possibilities.
A dragon has a strong presence on the black lighter drawn on the body of Slim 7.

DIMENSIONS 67 x 37 x 7mm



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