Redford Lite Electric Humidor Cabinet for 1250 Cigars


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Redford Lite Electric Humidor Cabinet for 1250 Cigars

The Redford Lite Cigar Cooler Humidor 

Featuring an electronically adjustable climate control system, the Redford Lite Humidor Cabinet is a top-of-the-line cigar storage system that always keeps moisture and temperature at a precise level. It has a solid wood construction and Spanish cedar-lined shelves and trays that enrich the taste and smell of tobacco. Having the same internal features as the Redford cigar cooler humidor, the Redford Lite flaunts a Black Oak matte finish for a more contemporary and functional look that blends well with modern furniture.

Compact Cabinet Humidor

Stands 52 inches tall, the Redford Lite electric humidor can hold up to 1,250 cigars even with its slimmer width of 25 inches and 24 inches depth. It is perfect for cigar rooms and shops with small spaces. If you need a humidor with a larger room for your stogies, we highly recommend the Remington Lite humidor cabinet.

The inside of the Redford Lite cigar cooler humidor reveals four drawer style shelves sitting on smooth sliders for easy access to cigar boxes. Each shelf also includes three adjustable dividers for sorting or rearranging singles. The top two shelves are angled forward for an impressive display of your collection, while the two bottom shelves are set flat. A removable sliding tray with two dividers is situated at the lowest part to maximize the storage space.

The Redford Lite cabinet humidor boasts a tempered and tinted glass door that protects cigars from excess light exposure and potential damage. With a heavy-duty door seal, this cigar cooler humidor prevents humidity from escaping and avoids too much air from getting into the stogies. The Redford Lite cigar humidor is also equipped with the exceptional de-mist feature that avoids the glass from fogging up.

Comprehensive Cigar Storage Solution

Provides hassle-free cigar preservation and aging process, the Remington Lite cabinet humidor enjoys the benefits of a highly reliable temperature and humidification system. The ambient temperature and the relative humidity (RH) can be regulated and monitored through the touchscreen control panel. Your desired settings are also automatically saved to memory, so you do not have to input them repeatedly. There are also built-in display panel icons that illuminate to indicate when the cigar humidor is in heating, cooling, or humidification modes.

The electronic humidifier is adjustable from 56% to 78% RH. Its removable water reservoir is hidden in the back of the humidor for a seamless setup. This cigar humidification system also has a built-in auxiliary fan that accelerates the flow of moisture within the humidor cabinet.

 Runs at 110/120V, this comprehensive cigar storage solution is integrated with a cooling and heating system that is configurable within the range of 41 to 71 degrees Fahrenheit. This climate control function is installed as a hygrometer, so you can easily calibrate the temperature to match your preferred level or toggle between Fahrenheit or Celsius readings.

Interior Accent Lighting

Show off your most treasured cigar collection with the Redford Lite! This cabinet humidor has a built-in white LED lighting that brightens the shelves and elevates the beauty of your expensive stogies. Looks amazing in the dark, the interior ambient lighting can be controlled from the humidor’s front digital panel.

1-Year Warranty

The Redford Lite cigar cooler humidor is backed by 1-year parts and labor warranty that guarantees reliability and long service life. It also includes a lock and key set to keep your cigar investment safe.


1,250 cigars
25" W x 24" D x 52" H
Material Solid wood
Finish Black Oak
Interior Lining Spanish Cedar
Shelves 4 - Drawer style shelves on metal slides
Dividers 3 - Adjustable dividers per shelf
Trays 1 - Removable tray with 2 dividers
Temperature Control 41 to 71 degrees Fahrenheit (Adjustable)
Humidification System 56% to 78% RH (Adjustable)
Power 110V


  • Is it a metal box or oak box

    It is all solidwood oak contruction with cedar lining inside.

  • What are the dimensions

    Outside dimensions are 26” W x 26” D x 52 3/4” H

  • Can this humidor be built into a cabinet?

    It is not suggested as the cabinet is required to maintain a minimum ventilation space of 2 inchesaround the cabinet at all times.

  • Does this unit provide heat

    Yes, there is both heating and cooling along with the humidity control in this unit.

  • Is the door reversible on the Redford lite?

    No, it is not.

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