Proraso Single Blade Shaving Cream Azur Lime 100ml P716


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Proraso Single Blade Shaving Cream Azur Lime 100ml

The Single Blade Shave line consists of high-performance formulas, specifically created for use with a single-blade razor, initially exclusively for use by professional barbers, and now available for you to use at home.

Proraso Single Blade Shaving Cream is a concentrated formula, abundant in moisturizing emollients like Coconut Oil and Glycerin, to soften, protect, and prevent irritation during a shave. This rich cream has been specifically formulated to be the ideal thickness and consistency to use with a single blade razor.

* While created for use with a single blade, this shave can be used with a multi-blade razor with proper care. The high concentration of oils may clog a multi-blade razor, so please rinse between each pass.

Size: 100ml / 3.6 fl oz

The Azur Lime is an intense freshness of lemon and orange, enriched by mint leaves. Juniper berries introduce a surprisingly creamy richness with hints of musk, wood and patchouli leaving the skin feeling intensely refreshed.

How to use:
- Apply a dime-size amount of shave cream to a shave brush or your hands, adding water to work up a rich lather
- Apply to damp skin, ideally after applying Single Blade Pre-Shave Cream
- Rinse and finish with Single Blade After Shave Balm

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