PROMETHEUS Platinum Series EBONY - 150 CIGARS (EBONY150)


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PROMETHEUS Platinum Series EBONY - 150 CIGARS (EBONY150)

Prometheus Platinum Series humidors are the flagship line of Prometheus humidors. Our master artisans in France have picked out rare and exotic veneers, and constructed them meticulously. Equipped with Easy to use Prometheus Optima Humidor and Hygro 3 (digital hygrometer, thermometer and time/date functions), these ultimate masterpieces will keep your priceless cigars in the most ideal condition. Prometheus Platinum Series humidors are available in the storage capacity of 150 and 200 cigars.

We have improved our Prometheus Optima Humidifier so that it provides more effective and stable humidity of 70%. It is pretreated with our proprietary Special Care Solution and comes in a sealed plastic bag. When you are ready to use it, open the sealed bag. 

In addition, its rust-proof stainless steel back cover can be removed to replace the humidification foam. After using Prometheus Optima humidifier for two years or longer, you can purchase a new humidification foam separately and replace the old one if it does not absorb distilled water as effectively as when it was new. This feature allows you to use Prometheus Optima humidifier for many years to come. It is not a disposable but environmentally friendly product.

Prometheus Hygro 3 is a compact size digital hygrometer with the three functions of time, calendar, and the reading of humidity and temperature. It measures humidity and temperature with an accuracy of plus or minus 3% for humidity and 1 degree for temperature. Prometheus Hygro 3 comes with two complementary alkaline button cell batteries.

Dimension: 20 inch x 9.25 x 5.5 (51 cm x 24 x 14)


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