PROMETHEUS Milano Series - Walnut 100 (MILANO100WL)


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PROMETHEUS Milano Series - Walnut 100

Prometheus Milano Series humidors are constructed with the modern classic straight line design. They are built with care and attention to detail so that your priceless cigar collection will be stored and aged in an ideal environment. They are humidified by Prometheus Optima humidifier and easy to maintain. Their humidity and temperature are measured by Prometheus Hygro 3 (digital hygrometer, thermometer and time/date functions). The outside of the humidors is finished with the beautiful veneers selected by our master artisans: These timeless modern classic art pieces will look great in your home or office. 

Prometheus Hygro 3

Prometheus Hygro 3 is a compact size digital hygrometer with the three functions of time, calendar, and the reading of humidity and temperature. It measures humidity and temperature with an accuracy of plus or minus 3% for humidity and 1 degree for temperature. Prometheus Hygro 3 comes with two complementary alkaline button cell batteries.


17 inch x 10 x 5
43 cm x 25 x 13

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