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Partagas El Libro, a biography of the iconic brand of Cuban cigars and the people and times that shaped it.

A new book on one of the most iconic names within the cigar world – Partagas – has been released. The book contains over 270 pages of information and never before published images from the National Archives of Cuba, the archives of Partagas, the Tobacco Museum in Havana and private and public collections around the world.

It is a truly remarkable study of one of the most famous and well respected cigar brands in the world and is comprehensive in its scope. It begins with Jaime Partagas y Rabell’s decision to immigrate to Cuba on 29th July 1831 and takes us right up to modern times. A fascinating look at the rich history of the Cuban cigar industry through the eyes of one of its most famous names…

About Amir Saarony

Amir Saarony is a Canadian graphic designer who has been involved in ventures in Havana for 20 years. He has worked there for foreign companies, including setting up the first Mac design & prepress studio in Cuba, helped humanitarian projects and cultural projects alike. After over 100 trips he wants to show the world that Havana is a great city with more than the stereotypical clichés to offer. Yes, there is music, rum, cigars and even beaches… but there is a city with millions of souls and millions of stories. The talent and energy are a force that needs to be seen, recognized and honored.

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