Palio Cutter Matt Black Composite - CX-CC-BM


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Palio Cutter Matt Black Composite - CX-CC-BM

Palio cutters are the ideal complement to your finest hand-rolled cigars. Crafted for the sophisticated connoisseur, the use of today's most refined cutter is a must for serious smokers.

With Palio, you'll be assured that the finest cigars in your collection will be prepared accordingly. When in the company of colleagues, associates, or comrades, let Palio give you the cutting edge!

Ergonomic - finger rest and contour shape
Handsome - people will ask about it
Precision Cut - blades aren't sloppy and don't fall out with age
Controlled Cut - be sure how much of the cigar's cap you remove
Contoured Cigar Holder - no need for a communal germ pit (ashtray)
Detent Position - won't arbitrarily open
Large Cutter Opening – Handles up to 60 ring cigars
Remarkably Sharper than leading cutters

Lifetime guarantee
Special composite materials
Super sharp double blades
Black matte, yellow, white, orange, brown,
blue, green, red, black, carbon fibre, burl, camo


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