MUHLE - STYLO shaving brush, Splated Beech, silvertip badger 091 H 72


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MUHLE - STYLO shaving brush, Splated Beech, silvertip badger 091 H 72


These contemporary and exquisitely smooth products from the STYLO line go to show that keeping things simple is often the best approach. With their conical shape, these products adapt to the ergonomics of their owners. STYLO uses chrome as an eye-catcher, combined with high-grade resin, which doesn’t lose any of its shine even after many years. Elegant with reddish shimmering thuja, the root wood of the link cypress with its intense grain. New with a material that looks unpretentious only at first glance – the hammered beech forms an attractive contrast with its accentuated lines.

THE MATERIAL - Splated Beech

The natural grain is accentuated by the hammering of the wood. Soaked with resin, the handles made of spalted beech allow water and lather to drip off with ease. A delightful contrast made from a local raw material.


A tried and trusted classic and the undisputed leader of the natural hair range: silvertip badger is particularly soft and flexible and is exclusively handmade at MÜHLE. Its silver sheen and a black band around each individual hair, which connoisseurs call a mirror, are noble distinguishing features. Its fine, conically shaped hair absorbs a lot of water and guarantees a dense, creamy lather.

width: 36 mm
length: 110 mm
Ring size: M - 21 mm
Vegan: Not vegan
Colour: brown
Category: Shaving Brush
Material: Spalted Beech
Design Series: STYLO
Brushhead: Silvertip badger
Chrome: brilliant chrome plated
Replaceable brush head: Yes




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