MUHLE - PURIST shaving brush, Karelian masur birch, silvertip badger 091 H 55


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MUHLE - PURIST shaving brush, Karelian masur birch, silvertip badger 091 H 55


Boiled down to the essentials and simple – that’s what PURIST is all about. The series wows customer with its gently rounded silhouette. PURIST indulges in a little extravagance only with its neck, which is also reflected in the choice of materials. The Karelian masur birch and the new dark grained beech captivate with their unusual grain. However, PURIST also comes up with the goods in traditional black.

THE MATERIAL - Karelian masur birch

The particularly beautiful wood of the masur birch comes from trees in the tree-line regions of the far north. Due to the harsh climatic conditions, the growth height is low and the wood develops an exceptionally rich grain. The precious wood has therefore been traditionally worked to create decorative objects.
The hand-picked square timbers are shaped by turning. Only the finest specimens are processed further and stabilised and coated in a special procedure. This makes the wood water resistant and hard-wearing. The high-gloss surface very expressively accentuates the individual veining of the grain.


A tried and trusted classic and the undisputed leader of the natural hair range: silvertip badger is particularly soft and flexible and is exclusively handmade at MÜHLE. Its silver sheen and a black band around each individual hair, which connoisseurs call a mirror, are noble distinguishing features. Its fine, conically shaped hair absorbs a lot of water and guarantees a dense, creamy lather.

width: 37 mm
height: 108 mm
Ring size: M - 21 mm
Vegan: Not vegan
Category: Shaving Brush
Design Series: PURIST
Material: Karelian masur birch
Brushhead: Silvertip badger
Chrome: brilliant chrome plated
Replaceable brush head: Yes




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