MUHLE Alum Stone AL 1


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MUHLE Alum Stone AL 1

Alum has always been an integral part of the standard shaving equipment. Its astringent effect makes the alum stone a natural aftershave. After shaving, simply rub your face with the moistened crystal: done! Our MÜHLE alum pen is also perfect for when you're travelling. It soothes skin irritations in no time and gently treats small cuts.


Starting the day with a refreshing experience for the senses – now who wouldn’t want that? With the SHAVECARE series featuring four fragrances, your morning ritual will be a natural pleasure. Shaving soaps and shaving creams optimally prepare your skin and hair for a wet shave. This solid soap dispenses a fine-pored, dense shaving lather when using the brush. This tried and trusted classic is now also available as a practical shaving soap stick for when you’re out and about. MÜHLE shaving cream is just as practical, but lighter in texture. After shaving, shaving balm and shaving lotion soothe and nurture the skin. SHAVECARE consists primarily of vegetable ingredients: aloe vera moisturises, sea buckthorn regenerates, sandalwood revitalises, grapefruit & mint refreshes the skin. Four recipes, one result: healthy skin and extra soothing treat.


Application: Post Shave
Category: Alum
Design Series: SHAVECARE
Category: Skincare
Vegan: Vegan



Potassium Alum, Aqua (Water) 



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