Leuchtturm Notebook 100 Jahre Bauhaus Black 359617


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Leuchtturm Notebook 100 Jahre Bauhaus Black 359617

Notebook Medium (A5), Hardcover, 251 numbered pages, Black, dotted, 100 Jahre Bauhaus

The Bauhaus Special Edition

The Bauhaus was the most significant school of art and design in the twentieth century.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of its establishment, LEUCHTTURM1917 created a special centenary edition notebook. Clear, reduced forms, functional details and classic colours are key elements of Bauhaus style.

And the design of LEUCHTTURM1917 products has always followed these principles. That’s why, to celebrate the centenary of the birth of Bauhaus, we created a series of notebooks, Pen Loops and pencils that are truly evocative of Bauhaus style.

The Bauhaus Edition by LEUCHTTURM1917

Wassily Kandinsky – painter, graphic artist, art theorist and Bauhaus director, summed up the Bauhaus philosophy in a nutshell when he said: “Everything starts from a dot.”

Creativity originates in the soul but, if it is to be shared with the world, it has to be transferred out of our heads and through our hands onto a sheet of paper – and it always begins with just a dot. This is the crucial moment when imagination meets paper.

We at LEUCHTTURM1917 decided to celebrate this moment with a special centenary edition. The new series comprises notebooks, Pen Loops and pencils that evoke the revolutionary Bauhaus style in their form, colour and details. 

And who knows ... perhaps the next big creative breakthrough will be made using one of these functional designs. After all, “Everything starts from a dot.“

Our details:

- Wassily Kandinsky quote embossed on front cover: “Everything starts from a dot.”
- Brief profile of Kandinsky featured on the endpaper
- Fore-edge and ruling are same-colour
- Colour combinations of cover/fore-edge: Lemon/Black - Black/Royal - Royal/Red - Red/Royal
- Ruling: Dotted
- Index and page numbers
- Gusseted pocket
- Elastic enclosure band
- Sticker for labelling and archiving
- High paper quality
- High ink compatibility

- Medium (A5) notebook:
Dimension = 210 x 145 mm / 251 pages / Paper = 80g/m²
- Master Classic (A4+) notebook:
Dimension = 225 x 315 mm / 235 pages / Paper = 100 g/m²

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