Davidoff Concrete Ashtray Large - Dark Grey


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Davidoff Concrete Ashtray Large - Dark Grey

Davidoff introduces a modern line of ashtrays made of innovative materials. This contemporary collection of ashtrays pairs perfectly with the Davidoff White Band cigar range. Davidoff creates distinctiveness and true innovation by launching Concrete Ashtrays, crafting the opportunity to complement the Davidoff accessories line.

Entirely handmade, the Concrete Ashtray combines two modern and innovative materials creating a high quality and contemporary accessory.

This ashtray line is made of concrete and polished metal. The surface is sealed and protected giving a glossy and uniform appearance. The metal frame contrasts with the rough side of the concrete. These aesthetic features and high quality materials ensure a long product lifespan.

The Concrete Ashtrays are timeless pieces, a must have for aficionados to fill their time beautifully.

• The metal frame is protected from heat, moisture and oxidation

• The concrete base is water and dirt resistant

• Large ashtray holds up to 4 cigars

• Entirely handmade in Europe

Material: Concrete and Metal Rim
Capacity: Holds Up To 4 Cigars
Diameter [in]: 7.24"
Height [in]: 1.57"

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