Caran d’Ache VARIUS RUBRACER Roller Pen

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The famous Varius collection of Caran d’Ache creates a surprise once again. Complete freedom in design and manufacturing enables it to bring together highly original materials and express their qualities in new ways. The Varius Rubracer exploits the qualities of high-tech rubber with a spirit of sport and urban living that is unmistakeably masculine.

Varius Rubracer takes a material with a well defined character and reveals all the power of its personality. Its body of black rubber with guillochage decoration gives the new instrument an imposing elegance that is perfectly in tune with contemporary city life. And its strong profile is accentuated by the striking visual and tactile contrast of the materials: soft and matte for the rubber, polished and sparkling for the rhodium-coated silver trim. A screw adds a touch of vibrant modernity to the body of the pen. The sense of refinement extends to the cap with its delicate guillochage and its new jointed clip. In the fountain pen, the cap conceals a new, larger nib.

While rubber has long been associated with the world of motor racing, its noble qualities have made it a favourite material in Fine Watchmaking. Supple and waterproof, it also offers valuable strength and elasticity. This daring new design by Caran d’Ache is a subtle blend of technology and design.
Roller Pen
Cap closed 136.3 mm
Without cap 123.9 mm
Cap on bottom 167.6 mm

Hexagonal brass body made in genuine rubber
Guillochage lines on the body and screw integrated into the rubber

Rhodium and silver-coated clip and push button
End of the cap equipped with the new Caran d'Ache identification (black lacquered hexagon)
Hinged clip and precision push button mechanism for optimum user comfort

Set with a roller cartridge, black fine
Compatible with all type of roller cartridge

Varius packaging
Dimensions: 19.5 x 9.7 x 6.5 cm
Weight: 0.700 kg
International guarantee & Caran d'Ache user guide

Swiss Made

Ref. 4470.085

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