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Blending two areas of its expertise, Fine Writing and Colour, the Caran d’Ache collection Les Couleurs du Léman now includes a new version: the Léman Rouge. This writing instrument mirrors the scarlet face of the lake as the sun goes down, the sparkle of the dying day.

Flamboyant as the waters of the lake on a summer’s day, gentle as the reflections of the awakening dawn, sparkling like the horizon as the sun slips out of sight... these are some of the unique, intense shades that have inspired the collection, Les Couleurs du Léman.  Now, to join sunset saffron, total black, turquoise, graphite grey, cashmere and matte navy blue, Caran d’Ache has chosen the most vibrant, powerful colour. Red.

To enrich the palette of the collection, two of its areas of special expertise - Colour and Fine Writing - come together in a warm, bold writing instrument.   This shimmering shade captures the fleeting moment when the sky is on fire and the lake is in flames.  The scarlet light captures the attention, seizes the emotions and burns a lasting image on the mind. Overwhelming, penetrating, alive and... irresistible. The Léman Rouge is imbued with elegance and style, true to the spirit of Caran d’Ache.


Fountain Pen

Cap closed: 141 mm & Diameter: 13.7 mm



Round brass body and cap covered with a scarlet red lacquer

Caran d’Ache logo and Swiss Made engraved on the ring

Rhodium and silver-coated push button, carrying a Caran d’Ache isotype (red lacquered hexagon)

Rhodium and silver-coated, hinged clip

Fountain pen’s nib in 18-carat gold, rhodium-coated,

available in four different sizes (F, M, B, BB)



Equipped with a piston pump

Also refillable with small Chromatics ink cartridges



Standard case

Dimensions: 18.4 x 8 x 4 cm

Weight: 0.252 kg

International guarantee included in the packaging



Swiss Made



M nib width - Ref. 4799.770

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