Escaparate Habanos Photograph Frame

Fourteen Ninety Two

Escaparate Habanos Photograph Frame

This frame features the legendary photograph taken at the Partagas Factory in 2000.

Between making and packing, the cigars are taken to the conditioning room or "Escaparate".  Here in cedar lined drawers, they are left to rest while they shed the excess moisture that was gained in the rolling process.  They are meant to stay for minimum one week, however, the longer they stay there, the better.

The Escaparate room is often referred to as the "treasury".  It is here that the wealth of a factory is stored.  The cigars were stored in bundles of 50, known as media reeds, or "half wheels".

This photo was taken in the Partagas Factory, Escaparate, 2000/. La Habana, Cuba



Size of Image:  20 x 8 1/2 inches

Size including Frame:  25 1/2 x 13 1/2 inches


IMPORTANT:  The image comes framed as pictured.  We only have one in stock, and therefore, will be shipped in with the upmost care to ensure it arrives safely.  

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